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One of the most effective ways to ensure compliance is to perform periodic self-audits. These important self-checks are even a requirement of an office compliance program. By performing a retrospective review of a sampling of signed visits, you will establish a baseline of your current compliance with the signature guidelines.

Download, review and use this tool to review a collection of notes. Score your findings on this form, and if you are working with a specialist in one of our one-on-one training programs, please return this completed audit form to them. If not, use the results to inform changes that may need to be made in your signature process.

File this completed form with your compliance audit results and schedule the next self-check on signatures depending on how many errors were found. If you had multiple errors, assign key personnel and providers to review this module, and then re-audit in 30 days. If your results were good, schedule another self-check in 3-6 months.

Signature Audit Tool