Is Your Revenue Taking a Hit?

Unlock Financial Excellence by Optimizing Revenue Integrity

A Practice Billing Profile serves as a comprehensive and meticulous examination tailored to identify potential revenue leaks within your practice. Elevate your financial standing while ensuring compliance with industry standards. This in-depth analysis involves a detailed exploration of your billing processes, scrutinizing every facet to pinpoint inefficiencies or gaps that may be hindering your practice’s revenue potential. By addressing these issues proactively, we aim to fortify your practice’s financial health and align it with the stringent demands of the healthcare landscape.

What’s Included with a Practice Billing Profile?
    • A broad and deep evaluation of your current practice billing, coding, and collections processes to formulate an optimization plan. Including:
      • Review of three years’ statistics, including office visits, new patients, services rendered, and collections
      • Analysis of actual fees and all contracted and regulated fees
      • Review of one years’ CPT® code usage
      • Analysis of billing compliance questions, with risk factor reporting
      • Final reports delivered in an easy-to-digest format
    • A compliance specialist reviews your in-depth analysis to find leaks in your revenue stream and to bring your practice into compliance
    • An online meeting to review findings, share how to recover missed opportunities, maximize efficiencies, and optimize your revenue

Expected Outcomes of a Practice Billing Profile

    • Confidence in your code usage, a key factor to increased revenue for your practice.
    • Reduced likelihood of recoupment and audit risks, safeguarding your practice against potential financial setbacks.
    • Cultivation of a clear compliant fee schedule to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your financial structures.
    • A deeper understanding of your practice statistics, providing you with valuable insights for targeted focus and enhanced decision-making. The ability to direct your attention where it’s needed most, fostering greater efficiency and success


Practice Billing Profile (PBP)

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