Is Your Documentation Subluxated?

Let’s Take A Peek!

How do you find the balance in documentation? It’s usually pretty hard to hit a target if you’re shooting in the dark. With that in mind, good documentation is like that target. If it’s taking over your life and denials are piling up, it is time for a Documentation Check-Up and Proactive Chiropractic Chart Review.

Many providers are reactive. However, a proactive stance is more successful and professional. At KMC University our certified specialists know their documentation. For instance, they can look at your documentation and readily identify mistakes or problems before an auditor sees it. Moreover, the process is simple. Just choose a recent new patient chart and we’ll review it for errors, coding blunders, and compliance concerns. We can quickly identify problem coding and point out areas where you may be leaving money on the table by comparing your 1500 billing forms or itemized statements to you documentation.

What’s Included with a Proactive Chiropractic Chart Review?

    • A certified compliance specialist reviews your chart electronically, making specific notes and suggestions right on your copy of the file.
    • An online meeting where we’ll go over the findings, point out the issues, and provide suggested feedback to correct errors found.
    • You’ll leave with a plan for corrective action to bullet proof your documentation. You’re provided with the audited file to refer to as you work on your corrections.

Expected Outcomes of a Proactive Chiropractic Chart Review

    • Clear understanding of whether documentation provided meets standard medical necessity guidelines
    • Identification of problems or concern in the areas of initial, daily, and re-evaluation documentation of Medicare and commercial insurance patient files
    • Detection of trouble spots or patterns in documentation that could present compliance concerns and audit risks down the road
    • Confidence in your ability to code well based on documentation
    • Knowledge of whether mistaken coding may be costing you money and time


Proactive Chart Review (PCR)