The Business Side of Chiropractic Education

Rather than a constraint, standard operating procedures free you to help more people. Install systems for greater efficiency and profitability.


In-depth, self-paced training to expand your reimbursement and compliance knowledge

Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant (CCCA) Refresher

Chiropractic Assistants that have at least 2000 hours of clinic experience can access training in this course to help prepare for the national certification exam.

Orthotics-From Prescription to Payment

This course outlines all the necessary operational components of the clinical and reimbursement processes for the practice when working with functional orthotics.

4 modules • My achievements

More Cash Services

This course guides doctors and team members in exploring opportunities to increase their practice’s bottom line while benefiting their patients.

Chiropractic Assistant (CA) Basic Training

This program focuses on coaching a new chiropractic assistant although it can also serve as refresher course for established CAs.

Patient Relationship Management-Clinical

Take the time to review these trainings as we lead you step by step through the Clinical and Financial Patient Relationship milestones.

Patient Relationship Management-Financial

Take the time to review these trainings as we lead you step by step through the Clinical and Financial Patient Relationship milestones.

Chiropractic Paperwork Project

These training videos and samples are supplied to assist practices with understanding the intent and recommended use of each form.

1 module • My achievements

Advanced Training

KMC University Presents: Specialized Training from Handpicked Industry Professionals

Sidecar Billing Training

Personalized billing training for Sidecar Staff to provide you with valuable insights and best practices to ensure proper implementation of curriculum

Steps to Successful Integration of Chiropractic into Sports Medicine

This course explains the significant role chiropractic care can play in the sports industry and how a DC can succeed as a Sports Chiropractor. Start your steps to success here!


Demonstrate your commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning

Chiropractic College Curriculum

An interactive journey through the business side of Chiropractic education

Student Curriculum | Introduction

Start here on your journey through compliance and reimbursement.

Compliance Curriculum | Section 1

From government regulations to HIPAA to OSHA, compliance in healthcare is no joke. The most important and timely information is shared in this training to protect you and your license.

Documentation & Coding Curriculum | Section 2

Documentation should always drive coding. This training section clarifies the interdependent relationship between the two that are vital for practice.

Medicare Curriculum | Section 3

As Medicare goes, so goes the nation. Since DCs are required to deal with Medicare Part B and maybe Part C, this training section makes it simple and easily implemented.

Practice Finances Curriculum | Section 4

Your fee is your fee is your fee....or is it? Cash flow and compliance are both in play when it comes to setting your practice's all-important financial policies and procedures.

Curriculum Wrap Up | Final Assessment

Ready for your final? Test yourself on this important knowledge to complete this important coursework. Good luck...And congratulations!

Rapid Solutions

Your problem-focused questions, answered on demand…in under 10 minutes

Office Statistical Management

It is important for us to keep track of many different kinds of statistical data as we work in the financial department. It is also a very important compliance issue to manage and track activity in the practice.

Documentation and Coding for Dry Needling

Medical necessity requires that the patient’s history and exam findings indicate the patient is suffering from some type of injury or condition that has resulted in myofascial trigger points, reduced range of motion, decreased strength, and/or pain.

Fee-for-Time Compensation (Locum Tenens)

In order to be compliant, you should know the ins and outs of what is referred to as Fee-for-Time Compensation (aka Locum Tenens). This Rapid Solution covers the basics and provides important coding information.

The New Patient Phone Call

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. This Rapid Solution outlines the high points of this important call and demonstrates use of the NP Phone Call Form.

The Secrets to Better Time Management

This Rapid Solution outlines the most important steps of task identification, layout of a schedule, and the inner workings of the day-to-day responsibilities of chiropractic team members.


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Rebecca and all the staff at KMC have been invaluable. I won't go into great detail but above what I signed up for, training staff to bill in house, KMC helped guide us through a major billing mess (don't use Medicfusion billing FYI). I cannot recommend Rebecca and KMC enough, they are THE BEST!! Kyle J.
Being a member of the KMC University is a valuable resource for our office. We appreciate that they are on top of the most current information. The Staff is always pleasant and quick to answer our questions. Edwin S.
Kathy recently gave a one hour webinar on coding and billing changes for 2023 to our membership. The feedback from attendees was extremely positive with a deep appreciation to KMCU for sharing timely, relevant and important information/changes for members to use in their practices immediately. Thank you for sharing your expertise with Vermont, KMCU! Vermont Chiropractic Association
KMC University provides a valuable service for chiropractic providers. I purchased a library membership and a coach to guide me as I audited and made changes to clinic SOPs. This program is useful in ensuring compliance, training staff, and confirming the decisions I make for the practice. Even though the practice is operating smoothly, I rely on KMC University to keep me informed of updates and changes in the industry. I continue to be a KMC member and utilize an individual coaching session as the need arises. You will not go wrong with KMC University. From the help desk to Kathy Weidner herself, every individual I have encountered has been friendly, helpful, and provided value. Jessica D.
KMC program is totally worth it. They helped us figure out a better system to bill insurance. Rebecca was super nice and helpful! Our clinic is finally getting paid on insurance claims. Thank you for all your help! Isabel G.
Best resources online or in person. Real humans who can answer real questions in an ever-changing environment. Brian V.
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