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Perhaps the largest online compendium of training, resources, tools, and solutions available in the profession. Our Library is curated by certified specialists, managed and maintained to include the latest, most up-to-date information needed by practices to stay ahead of the constant changes in healthcare regulations and rules. Here members can search to find the quick answer to a coding question or deep-dive into coursework to train a new biller or provider.

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Featured Medicare

Medicare Basics

In this course, the most fundamental elements of Medicare are covered to provide a firm foundation for additional learning and subsequent training on Medicare’s more complex components.

Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN)

This comprehensive course on the Medicare ABN form will dispel all the rumors and provide detailed information about both the mandatory and the voluntary ABN forms.

Featured Documentation & Coding

Documentation and Coding Basics

This course is meant to retrace important steps to seal any leaks in the documentation and coding buckets of your practice.

Evaluation and Management (E/M) Documentation-An Overview

This module provides an overview of the expectations for complete E/M service documentation, including documentation examples for various case presentations.

Routine Office Visits (ROV) Documentation- An Overview

This module provides  a high-level survey of ROV as it explores the requirements for daily documentation when the patient is in active treatment.

CPT® Coding According to Documentation

The course outlines everything from the specifics of Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT), and what to watch out for if you’re a full-spine adjuster, to the non-traditional modalities used in many practices today, such as dry needling.

Coding Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services

This course provides both a bird’s eye view of the rules of E/M coding and specific training on both the use of MDM and time for code selection.

Diagnosis Coding According to Documentation

This course will illustrate how to find and report the ICD-10 code that matches the patient’s diagnosis.

Featured Practice Finances

Laying the Foundation to Practice Finances

The information in this course is as beneficial to a clinic that has been established for years as it is for a clinic that is just about to open.

How Insurance Works

This course covers a variety of payer types and discusses how each one of them works with a chiropractic clinic. A provider should take all of this into account when deciding on the financial set up for the clinic.

Fee System Set Up

This course is the standard for understanding all there is about practice fees.

The Patient Intake Process

This course is focused on developing a data collection process that lessens the workload in other areas of the intake process, which includes scheduling and data management.

Insurance Verification

This course takes a deep dive into verification for all types of payers and plans.

Featured Compliance

Compliance Basics

This course outlines the standards and rules for regulatory bodies that are most common in a chiropractic clinic, including OIG, OSHA, HIPAA, and PCI.

OIG Compliance

This course outlines why an OIG Compliance program is critical for practice in today’s healthcare environment.

HIPAA Compliance

This course will help the learner understand the key components of HIPAA compliance.

Featured Business Essentials

More Cash Services

This course guides doctors and team members in exploring opportunities to increase their practice’s bottom line while benefiting their patients.

Chiropractic Assistant (CA) Basic Training

This program focuses on coaching a new chiropractic assistant although it can also serve as refresher course for established CAs.

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