Getting Paid for Foot Levelers' Functional Orthotics

The implementation of a product or service into a practice is a big decision. Healthcare providers must always place the medical necessity of a product or service as first priority for their patient. Sometimes, while the recommendation may not meet the medical necessity guidelines of an insurance company for the patient’s diagnosis, delivery of that service may still be clinically appropriate. Therefore, it’s critical to contemplate both the clinical and business considerations of implementing functional orthotics into the practice. This course outlines all the necessary operational components of the clinical and reimbursement processes for the practice when working with functional orthotics. It is broken down into smaller modules that focus on four critical areas of focus:
    • Clinical indications and considerations for functional orthotics
    • Coverage benefits for functional orthotics and how to cut through the details to get to the facts
    • Billing and Coding guidance, regulations, and best practices when working with 3rd Party Payers for reimbursement
    • Financial guidance and options when patients have partial or no 3rd Party assistance with their financial responsibility for functional orthotics.
Foot Levelers, the world leading provider of custom orthotics, and KMC University, the profession’s leader in compliance and reimbursement consulting and training, have partnered to provide this important course. Start by downloading and saving this guide, an overview and quick reference to the most frequently asked questions and common issues encountered by providers and team members. Best practice is to complete this course, in order, so all elements are considered and implemented into the practice. Then, revisit often to see updates and review key elements. As you work through this course, feel free to email should you have questions along the way.

Course Modules