Rapid Solutions

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Coding Edits & Chiropractic Billing

Is your reimbursement process a victim of code edit changes from a payer? This quick tutorial will help a provider to be reimbursed for what they do.

Why Insurance Verification?

Many offices view insurance verification as a time-waster, but in actuality, it can save an office from many problems down the road.

No Surprises Act- Good Faith Estimate

Do you have self-pay patients in your clinic? Are you offering a Good Faith Estimate? If you answered No, to the last question, check out the overview and helpful resources in this quick tutorial.

What is a Contracted Discount?

This Rapid Solution outlines the most significant things to be aware of when considering if a contracted fee is right for your practice.

Hardship Discounts

When managed correctly, this fee schedule is a wonderful addition to your practice, and a huge benefit for the needy patient.

Cash-Based Practice

This Rapid Solution outlines what you need to know to properly execute a cash-based practice that is both profitable and compliant.

No Surprises Act- Balance Billing

Heads Up! All out-of-network providers who are performing procedures at an in-network facility have new billing protection laws to abide by. Find out what is required if you fall into this category.

Discounting for Cash

This quick training outlines one way (our favorite way) to discount using a Discount Medical Plan (DMP) network.

The Self-Pay Patient

This Rapid Solution outlines both types of self-pay situations that require the patient to declare their wishes in writing, along with suggested forms to use in these scenarios.

Clean Up Patient Balances

This Rapid Solution addresses quick options for dealing with existing patient balances in a systematic way.

The Anatomy of an EOB

Armed with this important information, we can properly post payments and zero pays, as well as assign patient responsibility.

Insurance Appeals

This quick tutorial addresses general claims, the reasons for denials, and when an appeal might be appropriate.