Documentation & Coding

Maintenance Coding

When treatment is no longer considered medically necessary but still needs to be reported to payers, determine if it is most appropriate to use a maintenance diagnosis code, procedure code, or append a modifier.

Medical Necessity vs. Clinical Appropriateness

The best way to advocate for the benefits your patients are entitled to is to understand the definitions of medical necessity and clinical appropriateness and to learn how to document these services correctly.

Practice Finances

Coding Edits & Chiropractic Billing

Is your reimbursement process a victim of code edit changes from a payer? This quick tutorial will help a provider to be reimbursed for what they do.

No Surprises Act- Good Faith Estimate

Do you have self-pay patients in your clinic? Are you offering a Good Faith Estimate? If you answered No, to the last question, check out the overview and helpful resources in this quick tutorial.

No Surprises Act- Balance Billing

Heads Up! All out-of-network providers who are performing procedures at an in-network facility have new billing protection laws to abide by. Find out what is required if you fall into this category.


What is OIG Compliance?

This lesson will bring a basic understanding of what it means to have an effective OIG Compliance program and why it is so important to take the time to install one.

Do I Need a BAA?

Many contacts could be considered a Business Associate by HIPAA. Find out what this might mean for your clinic.

Role of a Compliance Officer

Every office should select a Compliance Officer - a person who will be the go-to person who will stay up to date on current OIG regulations and make sure they are being enforced.

Can You Spot PHI?

It is important that you and your staff truly understand what Protected Health Information (PHI) is so that you can implement safeguards and protections and avoid a HIPAA violation.

Business Essentials

Fee-for-Time Compensation (Locum Tenens)

In order to be compliant, you should know the ins and outs of what is referred to as Fee-for-Time Compensation (aka Locum Tenens). This Rapid Solution covers the basics and provides important coding information.

The New Patient Phone Call

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. This Rapid Solution outlines the high points of this important call and demonstrates use of the NP Phone Call Form.

The Secrets to Better Time Management

This Rapid Solution outlines the most important steps of task identification, layout of a schedule, and the inner workings of the day-to-day responsibilities of chiropractic team members.

Cash Profit Centers

This Rapid Solution provides a quick overview of some of the more common profit centers used in many practices. Review to see how you might benefit from some of these options.

The Art of the Office Meeting

This Rapid Solution outlines the high level aspects of the three most important types of meetings we recommend: The Overall Team Meeting, Departmental Stand-Up Meetings, and the Daily or Pre-Shift Huddle.