Congratulations on your Practice Billing Profile purchase

Here’s what you can expect next!

We commend you for taking this important first step in recognizing potential missed reimbursement opportunities and compliance risks in your practice.

To get the most of this review, we ask that you commit to the following in the next three weeks:

Step 1

Check your email for instructions from us detailing how to get started. The same instructions are below iuf you want to get a jump start, but dont worry, we’re sending all of this in an email to you as well.

Step 2

You will receive a separate email from Sharefile, our HIPAA secure file server, with a folder for you to upload the charts when completed. How to use Sharefile.

Be sure to log in the first time and bookmark this location, so you can find it later. When you are going to upload the requested materials, you can drag and drop them conveniently in this online file share system.

Step 3

To better assist with your Practice Billing Profile, please click on the Billing GAP Analysis button below so that we can evaluate the significant components of your current billing program to better assist us your processes.

Billing Gap Analysis

Step 4

The most important step is preparing to gather the information needed in your Practice Billing Profile. This important information regarding your statistics, coding, and the core reimbursement and compliance systems of your practice will be the basis for our analysis.

Please follow the instructions included in this email and the instructions on every tab of the spreadsheet to ensure complete information is provided to best serve you and your practice.

  • The spreadsheet will typically save into your Downloads folder on your computer.
  • Save the spreadsheet (save-as) on your computer or network as “Billing Analysis-Last Name” in a location where it is easily accessed.
  • SAVE the tool often as you are completing it to avoid any data loss.
  • DO NOT attempt to print each section and fill it out by hand. Enter the data and answer the questions in the electronic version only.
Download Practice Billing Profile

Step 5

Download the Fee Analysis Support Tool. The button below will download a macro-driven Excel spreadsheet that you must save locally on the computer that you intend to use to fill in the data. Save it with the name “Fee Analysis Tool-(Your Practice Name)”. Enter your actual fee information in the first column and the current allowed fees for each payer in the respective columns of the spreadsheet. Make sure you add any CPT codes that are not listed for additional services you provide.

Download The Fee Analysis Tool

Download The Fee Analysis Tool

Time is of the essence

Please set a goal to have this completed and uploaded into your designated Sharefile folder no later than 3 weeks from today.

Once all items are received and analyzed by our team, we’ll schedule a live Report of Findings where your Specialist will review the results along with our recommendations.

Should you have any questions, please call us at (855) 832-6562.