Optimizing Athletic Performance: Unlocking Your Potential in Sports Chiropractic for Your Community

Presented By Dr. Alan K. Sokoloff, a.k.a. “Dr. Sok”

Recorded on Tue, Aug 1, 2023

It seems that every week we learn about another student athlete dying or becoming permanently injured as the result of unfortunate, preventable injuries or events in sports. Many sports minded chiropractors want to get involved with high school, college, and other professional adult sports teams where most of these prevention plans are covered. But what about youth sports? Chiropractors should be out in front of this nationwide dilemma, and it starts with education. We know we are among the best educators in healthcare, and now is the time for chiropractic to become an integral part of the game.

This informative webinar will address the issues in this nationwide dilemma and answer the following questions for chiropractors looking to get involved:

    • I love to educate, but what should I talk about with these schools and organizations if I get the chance?
    • Who so I contact at the organization to begin conversations?
    • What are some important talking points when getting my foot in the door?

Dr. Alan K. Sokoloff, a.k.a. “Dr. Sok,” has more than three decades of experience serving as a clinician, educator, and sports enthusiast. He serves as part of the sports medicine team for the NFL Baltimore Ravens, the MLB Baltimore Orioles, and the University of Maryland Sports Teams. He’s consistently rated as one of our profession’s most knowledgeable and influential sports chiropractors and educators.