Presented by Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA

This webinar was recorded on April 1st, 2021

Now that we’re almost three months in, are you struggling to make sense of the 2021 Evaluation and Management changes and wish someone would push the easy button? Are the gray areas leaving you in the dark? If so, you are like many others who email us daily asking for assistance in understanding the E/M fine print. While there were known gray areas in the AMA literature, we have done what KMC University always does… we get the answers you need. With all of the weight being in the Medical Decision Making, we want to make sure you understand the key elements and criteria for proper E/M code selection.

Most providers find that by understanding the nuances of the rules, there is greater value to the E/M service and documentation is much simpler. Who doesn’t want more of that? Join us!

    • Distinguish what qualifies for each unique test ordered and reviewed
    • Understand what is needed for an independent interpretation to count
    • Determine why history and examination are still needed
    • Establish proper documentation when using Time to select your level of E/M code-plus prolonged time clarification
    • Demonstrate by using chiropractic case samples how to assess the number and complexity of problems addressed and assign the proper level of risk
    • Combat the denials when E/M is billed with an adjustment on the same day