Discounting Options in the Clinic

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It is difficult to keep all the regulations in mind when approaching the subject of proper discounting for services rendered in the clinic. Since this is one area in which a clinic should not ‘wing it’, we recommend that you take the time to review this helpful Support Tool. We say take your time, because it will require uninterrupted attention in order to digest the information in this document. Locate the patient type in the left column and then reference the key at the bottom of the page as you move across the document to assess the Provider’s Options.  Although a Chiropractic Assistant (CA) may not be directly involved in the billing aspect of the business, the patients will often ask the CA about their payment options. A knowledgeable CA with regards to proper discounting will contribute to the efficiency of the clinic and strengthen the patient’s trust in the clinic.

Discounting Options by Patient Type

Discounting Options

What is QMB?

This tutorial discusses an important compliance related topic that impacts all clinics that accept and treat Medicare beneficiaries. Sadly, in most clinics, the requirements surrounding a Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) is often ignored resulting in serious violations of Medicare regulations.
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