Welcome to the HIPAA Training Course

This training has been provided by your State Association in collaboration with KMC University and Easy Tech Compliance. We are honored to provide this important training to you and your staff!

HIPAA is one of the most overlooked compliance tasks within a chiropractic clinic. For those rare situations where a clinic has made it a priority, we often find a process built on misinformation or lack of understanding. HIPAA mishaps can cause a clinic to suffer great financial loss in addition to losing the trust of their patient population. Placing training as a priority in the clinic is a great way to build a solid compliance culture and reduce risk to protected health information.

Training for All Staff Members

In order to be compliant, a clinic should have all individuals attend HIPAA training on a regular basis. This includes the Owner/Operator and the DCs. It is important that doctors lead by example and complete all HIPAA related training. Equally important is the need to document the training. If you choose to have your staff view this training all together in one sitting, be sure to create a log and have everyone sign off on completing the training. Place a copy of the training log in your HIPAA Manual. If you utilize the individual log in option available in this course, each individual will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Training includes the following

    • An overview of HIPAA and the intent of the rule
    • A deeper dive into both the Privacy and Security rule requirements
    • How to identify Protected Health Information (PHI)
    • Tips on safeguarding Protected Health Information
    • How to build or reinforce HIPAA safeguards in the clinic
    • Answers to frequently asked questions


HIPAA Training for State Associations

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