The Third-Party Reimbursement Process for Orthotics

Everyone hopes that insurance reimbursement is available for functional orthotics, but the harsh truth is that very few policies cover them. And when they do, there are very specific rules, conditions, and circumstances that apply when seeking coverage. All patients’ coverage should be verified, and some will have coverage for functional orthotics. However, if they do not, it’s still OK to sell orthotics for cash, so please visit the module titled The Non-Insurance Reimbursement Process for Orthotics. 

Those with insurance coverage for other treatments, but not for functional orthotics, must be managed carefully due to the changes in the No Surprises Act as of January 2022.  This training module walks providers and teams through all the necessary steps to properly verify, code, bill, and collect for functional orthotics.

NOTE: Even if you are not a KMC University member, you have access to this training courtesy of Foot Levelers. If you have questions while training in this module, email