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Insurance Frustration?

Unlock $15K of Hidden Revenue in Your Practice in 30 Days!

April 10th, 2024

11am Mountain Time


Are you a chiropractor who works hard to help patients, but constantly feels nickel-and-dimed by insurance hassles?

Are you feeling handcuffed by your current cash flow and business operations?

Did you know that there could be $15,000 or more in missed revenue sitting unclaimed in your practice right now?

Revenue you’ve already earned, but isn’t making it to your bank account!

Forget the constant struggle of juggling insurance claims and feeling like you’re leaving money on the table. We’re here to show you the exact steps to uncover the potential within your practice that can significantly boost your bottom line.

Introducing Our Exclusive Webinar: “Insurance Frustration? Unlock $15K of Hidden Revenue in Your Practice in 30 Days!”

On this eye-opening webinar, you’ll join industry compliance expert Kathy (KMC) Weidner MCS-P, CPCO, CCPC, CCCA to uncover the top coding mistakes, billing slip-ups, and poor documentation habits that are quietly costing you thousands of dollars month after month.

Why Attend?

    • Identify Hidden Revenue: Learn how unnoticed coding errors and overlooked billing practices are costing you thousands every month.
    • Maximize Your Cash Flow: Discover how statistical data can transform your financial strategy and unlock new revenue streams.
    • Reduce Compliance Risks: Uncover the common mistakes that could be putting your practice at risk and how to avoid them.
    • Actionable Strategies: Walk away with practical, straightforward tactics you can implement immediately to see tangible results.

What You’ll Discover:

    • Fee Analysis: Understanding your fees’ story and how it impacts your revenue and compliance.
    • Real-World Success: Stories from practices just like yours that found and capitalized on their untapped potential.
    • Statistical Sleuthing: Uncover what your practice’s numbers are really saying and how to leverage them for growth.
    • Fee Finesse: Learn how to optimize your fee structure to maximize revenue without compromising compliance or patient trust.
    • Actionable Insights: No fluff—just actionable strategies that successful chiropractors use to enhance their revenue and streamline operations.
    • Real-life case studies of doctors who unlocked $25K, $50K, even $100K+ in underbilled services almost overnight

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