Foundations of the Billing and Collections Process – Part II | Billing

March 23rd
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM MT
Virtual Hands on Lab


It’s time for part two of this three-part series!

This training is focused on the foundational pieces that must be established prior to submitting your electronic or paper claims. This virtual training should not be confused with a simple webinar. The material will be presented in a virtual, workshop environment which will allow attendees to “discite a faciendo” which is Latin for ‘learn by doing.’ Hands On is the best approach.

Billing is not just sending out a claim. Building on the “data gathering” steps in Part 1, this workshop will dive into four patient cases and case types and walk through each step of the billing process. We collected information from our help desk database and created training that is practical and useful for most clinics.

By the end of the training, attendees will know how to create a ‘clean’ payable claim for the following case types:

  • Medicare Part B – See how to utilize the MAC portal to locate diagnosis. Learn about proper diagnosis hierarchy, procedure coding and appending the correct modifier, the importance of Box 14 on the claim form and appropriate pointing of procedure to diagnosis.
  • Medicare Part C (Advantage) – See how to use online portals to locate forms for out of network services and billing restrictions. Learn about proper coding and modifier usage and when claims must be submitted or not, regardless of your network status.
  • Commercial Payers – See how to consult the Medical Review Policy to determine proper coding and modifier usage. Learn how to link fee schedules to charge entry to expedite over-the-counter collections.
  • Self-Pay – See how to identify the type of self-pay account for each patient. Not all are the same, and depending on the circumstances, current regulations require clinics to give more attention to these cases to be compliant.